Kidding Schedule
Following are the does bred to kid in the spring of 2022

** Doe has been ultrasounded pregnant

Dam Sire Due # Kids Price Availability
Luna** Robin 02/24/22 1-2   Nothing available
Winnie** Hey Jude 03/01/22 2-3 $400 2nd doe/buck 1st doe retained
Astrid** Robin 02/18/22 1-2 $500/bucks No does available
Blue Bonnet** ZigZag AI 02/09/22 2-3 $400 2nd doe/bucks 1st doe retained
Jumping Spider** New Era 02/25/22 1-2 $400 2nd doe/buck 1st doe retained
Haley** Robin 03/02/22 1-2 $400  
London Fog** New Era 02/26/22 1-2 $400  
Trillium** Robin 03/03/22 1-2 $400  
Yahtzee Robin 04/09/22   $400  

Note: We reserve the right to retain any kid born on the farm for our breeding program.
Discounts for multiple purchases or 4-H out of first fresheners.

Sales Policy

Kid Reservations

Thank you for looking at our sales page/kid reservation chart.  My sons and I work with our herd every day and we often have some incredibly sweet babies to pass along each spring.  Good genetics plus balanced nutrition and handling make for good show, 4H or hobby farm friends.

If you are interested in a kid out of a particular breeding a $100 deposit will hold your place for a second born doeling out of most of the does or a first born buckling.  Please contact me directly to discuss any interests.  1st born doe kids are available on a limited basis too.  We do retain the right to keep any kids born here, and will refund deposits if the desired kid isnít born, we decide to retain it, or if there are any defects noted at or soon after birth.  We can also apply the deposit to another kid if there are options available. 

Management; Kids are removed from their dams immediately after birth, given heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk (love our Milky pasteurizer- it does 3 gallons at a time).  They are treated for coccidia and fed a medicated creep feed (Kalmbach).  Kids are all anesthetically disbudded at 3-7 days of age.  Bucks without deposits are banded at 2-3 months of age and raised for meat, pets or sent to auction.  Tattooing will be done before the animal leaves the farm.  C, D & T  vaccination is done at 6-8 weeks of age (when grain starts being introduced) and repeated 4 weeks later, then once annually.

If you have a deposit on a kid it is up to you to figure out pick-up/transport of the kid.  I ask that kids be placed in their new homes by 4 weeks of age.  Our kids are bottle-fed/lambar-fed warm pasteurized milk 2-3 times daily, up to 4-5 months of age depending on milk availability and self-weaning.  Goats milk is ideal but cow milk will suffice too. 

We welcome visitors on a scheduled basis.  We do ask that barn clothes and shoes Not be worn here as we do not want to cross-contaminate germs to and from farms.  We keep a very clean barn, barn aisles and if thereís any worry weíll perform all business transactions on the well-drained gravel driveway.

As a small animal veterinarian I am able to offer limited support after the animal leaves our farm.  I am happy to mentor as best as possible but itís your responsibility to find a goat savvy veterinarian for the medical needs of your herd and new acquisition.


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