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Check back in the Spring of 2022. Available kids and milkers will be posted here.

Sales Policy

To discuss purchasing a 2022 doe, please contact Erica at

Adult Animal Availability

Each spring we also offer a very limited number of milking does.  Mature bucks also become available once we have too many relatives in the herd or their genetics don’t cross well with what we have.  We test mature stock annually for CAE.  We do not have CL or Johnes.  We are part of the national Scrapie id program.  Regular fecals and FAMACHA scoring on the mature stock help keep parasite burdens low, as well as good protein content in the feed (Kalmbach textured grain, grass hay and/or alfalfa mix) and pasture rotation.  Kalmbach’s goat mineral is refreshed throughout the week.  I use the OptiFermXL as a yeast/rumen treat, add in sunflower seeds in the winter as well as alfalfa pellets and sometimes a show boosting top-dress pellet when intake dips due to the cold weather here in Ohio.  I deworm incoming stock heavily (using 3 dewormers, each from a different class, repeated at 12 or 24 hours, based on class, to a 12 hour fasted animal) and copper boluses with caution.



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