Toadsknoll TR Calliope
PL2240532 ~ DOB: 02/18/22

Linear Appraisal:

Sire: *B Tempo Robin ~ 84 ++V
SS: +*B Goat-San Vito
SD: SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M ~ 93 EEEE
2013 ADGA Nat'l GCH, '09, '12 & '15 Nat'l RGCH

Dam: CH (pend) Toadsknoll Luna's MCE Astroid ~ 88 VEEV
DS: Autumn-Acres Tanzey's McEscher
DD: KCH Muddy Ridge Lunar Eclipse ~ 91 VEEE




Dam: CH (pend) Toadsknoll Luna's MCE Asteroid

Sire: *B Tempo Robin

Maternal granddam: CH Muddy Ridge Lunar Eclipse

Maternal grandsire: Autumn-Acres Tanzey's McEscher

Paternal granddam: SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M

Photos of Evianna & Kristi courtesy of Tempo LaManchas


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